Thursday, June 21, 2012

Turkish Delight

Well, well, it's been much to long since I have made a post on this little blog here and I do believe a post has been long since due. So I shall tell you of last weeks adventure. First of all I was wanting somthing sweet. Not just the ordinary sweet but somthing extravagant and NARNIAN. I began searching high and low for that recipe to make a delicious narnian treat. I found it.
When I did begin making it I must confess I was quite discouraged because the smell of gelatin quite rinkled my nose and made the expression on my face not that of one who was making such a tempting dish. And then I began to realize that the only flavor it called for was...some lemon juice....and then I noticed...there was no food coloring in the recipe. I thought to myself "Why ALL turkish delight is red!." On this I was mostly right but partly wrong considering you can flavor it or color it however you like. However in the end it turned out well, BUT I did goof on that particular recipe. I have read that rosewater is what really makes it and I needed some food coloring. So next time I will try another recipe. Here we come to the taste and texture. The texture was odd and sticky....but GOOD....and the taste...well it was sweet as could be, you could barely taste the lemon and thankfully the sugar overtook the gelatin accept for a faint odd taste just as it slid down your throat. I regret to say that I don't have a wonderful recipe to leave you with.

Overall outcome: Sticky, sweet, and tasteless. It grew on me too.
What to make sure you don't leave out: Plenty of GOOD flavor (like rosewater).
Would I sugest you try it?: YESSSS, but make sure you have some good flavoring.

P.s. the Turkish Delight in the picture there is really mine.

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