Here are some of my favorite sites and blogs. It's a short list now but it will grow.

-SurLaLune Fairytales ( To my knowledge this site is ok, but I haven't read everything on it.)

- Spareoom is pretty much just a site full of Narnia pictures. I love it!

- Narnia Fans; a blog that keeps you updated on all Narnia movie news.

- For Narnia Tumblr

- Aslans Country; more Narnia news.

- Fantastic Narnia Tumblr

- Narnia Passport

- Narnia Web


  1. Hi! I love your blog. I am just starting out creating my own. My goal is to use stories and fairy tales to share how Christians are royalty. I have looked at many blogs but yours is the most beautiful and complements my theme. I'd love to learn how you created it. Does it cost money on blogspot to have such a wonderful background? I'm guessing the music isn't free either. Where did you find your background?
    Thanks for any info you might be able to give me! Ashley Morris

  2. Thank you so much for your complements! I will begin with saying that it is all free. My background I aquired from several years of serfing the web acttually. There is also a website called pintrest that is loaded with pretty might try getting an acount there.
    Go to ur blog, then in the right top corner click design...and somewhere to the left you should see "layout" and that is how you change the back ground. Blogger is really kind of complicated I think.
    On the I had a very hard time understanting how to get it eventhough it worked out eventually. If you scroll down to where the playlisy is, on the bottom and in one of the corners of it there is a button that says somthing like "get playlisy". Click it and then it will take you to where you set up an acount and a playlist. The tricky part comes when posting it to ur blog. I can't remeber how to do it. It asks for a username and after searching I found it but I don't remeber how I did. I only remeber that I THINK it was some type ofe number.... My sister wanted one...but I'm afraid I was unable to help her with it.

  3. Silly me scratch where i said go to "layout" it's "template".